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Sipadan Island, a marine heaven, is famous among jumpers for its rich submerged biodiversity, perfect reefs, and abrupt drop-offs into the dark blue. Normally positioned as one of the best ten jumping goals on the planet, this island can be found in the Celebes Sea simply off of Borneo Malaysia. The marvels here are effectively gotten to from the town Semporna, which is just 35 kilometers north of the island or about an hour’s pontoon ride away.

There are not many places on Earth where a jumper can see schools of spinning barracuda, twelve ocean turtles of shifting species, a bunch of sharks, and an overflowing reef of angelfish, triggerfish, morays, and gobies all on one plunge. At sipadan diving , such sights are normal, with fortunate jumpers bringing home accounts of whale sharks, manta beams, and schools of hammerheads. It is notable as a hotspot for biodiversity with more than 3,000 types of fish and several coral species canceling the waters this island home.

The island’s one of a kind topography makes it home to numerous phenomenal plunge locales. It is Malaysia’s just maritime island, which means it rises straight from the seabed instead of the mainland rack. Its lavish woodlands and white sand shorelines lay over an ancient well of lava rising 600 meters from the ocean bottom and the perfect waters encompassing the island take into account perceivability of in any event 20 meters all year. In any case, perceivability can reach up to 50 meters during the dry season.

Passage Permit Requirement

Visiting Sipadan Island requires a grant issued by Sabah Parks, a Sabah Government office. There are a predetermined number of 120 grants accessible every day. This is a decent move by the Malaysian Government to limit the weight on the reefs and marine life around the island.

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