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Earthenware is mud that is shaped, dried, and terminated, as a rule with a coating or finish, into a platter, mug, vessel or enlivening thing – mud stoneware. Mud is a normally shaped mineral pulled from the world’s surface. Dirt is an item normally found through the world and was utilized a huge number of years prior by people to shape vessels and devices for holding fluid, nourishment and other residential needs.

The adaptability and basic stage de poterie of dirt enabled ceramics to be utilized comprehensively by all societies. In this way the association individuals need to stoneware and mud has existed for a huge number of years and is a piece of each culture.

Dirt earthenware can be made by hand shaping, snaking or squeeze pot procedure. Further developed systems are employments of a mud potters wheel or jiggered utilizing an instrument that duplicates the type of an ace model onto a generation piece.

Hand pouring an earth slurry, dirt Slip, into a form and dried, or cut or stepped into squares or sections likewise are propelled systems. Stoneware keeps on developing, considerably following a huge number of long periods of advancement.

New coating with “no-lead” or low measures of lead content is an ongoing headway for earthenware coat. Improved bisque bodies to effectively mate with these new no-lead coats likewise is a tremendous improvement for earthenware. Earthenware must be terminated to a temperature empowering the mud stoneware to contain water.

The Additional progression of adding earthenware coating to the outside of the dirt stoneware enables the surface to be impervious by fluid, or vitreous. Earthenware coats are comprised of characteristic shaping minerals that soften and breaker to the outside of the stoneware, subsequently framing a total bond where the coating and dirt ceramics become one reliable melding of coating and mud earthenware.

Cours de poterie à l’Atelier l’île aux Artistes d’Arcachon, venez découvrir la magie du tournage à l’argile naturelle.

Les cours de Poterie sont ouverts à tous les amateurs débutants ou confirmés. La pratique du tour de potier ne demande pas une forte aptitude physique ni une grande souplesse des mains, la bonne position face au tour est plus importante. Le toucher de la terre, argile naturelle, est agréable, connu pour ses bienfaits curatifs. Il faut principalement de la persévérance, du ressenti et de l’écoute afin de rapidement développer les bons gestes.

On joue avec la terre, vous comprendrez son langage, sa texture, sa souplesse mais aussi sa fragilité afin de réaliser chaque étape du tournage avec succès, une pièce réussie procure énormément de satisfaction! François, potier d’Arcachon, travaille toutes les couleurs de terre à grès. Il saura vous accompagner pas à pas dans l’exécution de vos poteries.

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